About the Award
MBZ Award for the Best GCC Teacher reflects modern educational philosophy. The objective of the Award supports the Wise Leadership’s clear and deep vision for education in UAE and the GCC countries, to help meet the GCCs’comprehensive development goals, by accelerating the pace of change in raising the quality of education. High quality education is the backbone, and a unique pillar, transforming each student’s life ambitions. A teacher is at the heart of the learning process and essential to the development of the GCC. Recognizing this crucial fact, the MBZ Award is launched to stimulate further transformation, in the rapidly expanding education sector. The application of modern pedagogic principles heralds a new stage in education advancement which aims to match teachers' skills to the best international practices in teaching and learning. These ambitious objectives will not be achieved unless our teachers are motivated to study the objectives for the development of our nation and apply their lessons to help achieve these targets. Teachers must be encouraged and motivated to keep up-to-date with the very latest developments in their subjects, teaching and learning techniques. Teachers are responsible for all students’ educational achievements, and to plant noble values acting as role-models of positive citizenship. MBZ Award aims, through this sensible and well thought-out approach, to make a positive contribution to help achieve the nations’ objectives. As a result, the Award is based on five solid criteria: outstanding performance, creativity and innovation, developing sustainable learning methods, positive citizenship, national patriotism, communal and professional leadership. Finally, the MBZ Award for the Best GCC Teacher, hereby stresses the importance that teachers always have in the wise leadership’s thoughts. They are central to achieving their vision for progress, high quality education, and sustainable change. The Award will recognize and reward best educational practices, support teachers to enhance education outcomes, and to create generations of trustworthy leaders armed with the best knowledge, science, and profession skills available.
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